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Personal Profile

My purpose in life is to help others achieve their goals through engaging learning moments.

I began my career teaching English writing and literature at a Community College in North Carolina. After several years, I decided to switch to instructional design at a Fortune 500 company. I managed a two million dollar program and creating trainings for 165,000 Frontline Associates a month. I facilitated trainings for new managers and Regional Vice Presidents.

Looking for a new challenge, I moved to a Fortune 100 company where I created, owned, and managed the company's diversity program (a passion of mine). I became the training department's primary technical producer for all Executive training programs. In addition to my time as program manager, I designed, developed, delivered, and analyzed e-Learnings. My team flipped the company's operating system into trainable, engaging, on-demand learning modules in just four months. This rapid instructional design revolutionized the way learning occurred at the company and prioritized the modern learner's needs. 

After some time, I decided to take a break from Corporate America to concentrate on my own freelance work. Through Cowan Learning Solutions, I'm able to serve my clients with the same level of enthusiasm, drive, creativity, and attention to detail that I've been known for in the past decade. I want to create learning solutions that provide my clients with exactly what they need, in the manner that best fits their challenge. I make my participants comfortable when I facilitate and produce so that they are more open to engagement and learning. 

Let me help you solve your complex learning needs. Let me help bring your vision to life. Cowan Learning Solutions provides an end-to-end learning process to make your trainings easy and enjoyable. 



Past Experience

August 2020 - August 2021


  • Designed, developed, facilitated, owned, and managed Honeywell's Diversity Career Advancement Program (DCAP) with a retention rate of 91% and a promotion rate of 26% in the first six months

  • Served as technical producer for all executive programs: Executive Develop Program, Manager Development Program, Leader Development Program, and Diversity Career Advancement Program

  • Worked with executive stakeholders to design training, manage programs, run technical producing, and communicate program and project briefs to CEO and direct reports

  • Worked with third-party vendors as a client and as a partner 

  • Worked strategically across HR and third-party vendors to meet DCAP budget

  • Facilitated online-instructor led sessions with an average facilitator evaluation score of 9.4 out of 10

  • Led two cross-functional global teams on two HR projects

  • Designed and developed 32 e-Learnings across all businesses and functions 

February 2015-August 2020


  • Developed training in partnership with Subject Matter Experts for 28 sectors in 4 business lines for Frontline Associates and Unit Managers, reaching 165,000 associates per month

  • Processed invoices and chargebacks and worked strategically to meet CHAT budget of $2 million

  • Tracked and communicated compliance data to Regional Vice Presidents and stakeholders to increase program participation across sectors

  • Managed CHAT program administration through user requests and communication, website maintenance and upgrades, and technical support

  • Managed, designed, and facilitated Compass Corporate Orientation program on MyLMS and instructor-led live event for all new hires  

  • Facilitated DDI content for Managers in Training (MIT) program during live event and How to Learn Online and Learning to Listen in an online environment

August 2011-May 2015


  • Designed and facilitated English courses for both online and instructor-led courses

  • Used the online learning system Blackboard to develop and deliver online courses

  • Facilitated 10 different lower and upper level English writing and literature courses at the post-secondary level

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